The Visual Thinker enables you to communicate your science effectively and efficiently

Science & Art

Small studio to help you with your scientific projects
Combining PhD level scientific knowledge with professional artistic designs to create visual campaigns including illustrations, animations, infographics, presentations, branding, webpages and other graphical assets for a perfect balance of scientific accuracy and visual aesthetics.
Let’s unleash the Creativity to bridge the gap between Science and Society.
If I can illustrate it, you can understand it!

Who is behind this space?

Hi there! Gloria here!

So far this is the percentage of what my mind is occupied with everyday. I am working hard to engage my brain in more creative endeavours and hopefully my son will require less of my time. I think deep inside I will always be a scientific mind.

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A mummy

A creative bee

A scientist

My name is Gloria and I am a Computational Structural Biologist with more than 20 years experience in diverse scientific fields, largely in the Biomedical context.

I have published more than 30 scientific articles and reviews in international journals.

During my pregnancy and maternity leave, I decided to enter the world of illustrations and animations. I am happily combining to expand my fascination for science with my passion for more artistic venues beyond the computer.